Relax. Replenish. Rejuvenate. Recover.

Experience the future of cryotherapy technology with Louisville's first and only zero nitrogen cryotherapy machine. Whole-body cryotherapy is a non-invasive application of sub-zero air to help the body in the recovery process from pain, swelling, and inflammation. Here's how it works: Blood travels to the core and as it passes through the cardiovascular system, it's cleansed of toxins and supplied with fresh oxygen, nutrients, and enzymes. After exiting the machine, the body immediately begins vasodilation which returns enriched blood to the peripheral tissues that have been cleansed of toxins.


COVID-19 DISCLAIMER: Our client's health and safety are our number one concerns. We will be following the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and local government guidelines in our facility to ensure the highest level of cleanliness, client safety, and staff safety. We kindly ask you to practice social distancing in our facility, come dressed for your session, and make an appointment prior to arrival. If you have any questions, a team member is standing by to assist you at (502) 742-4693.


"Went for the first time yesterday for a whole-body freeze. What an awesome experience! It does everything it claims to do. As a runner, I went in hopes of easing muscle soreness and rejuvenation from training for a marathon. I came out feeling fabulous and 24 hours later I can still feel results. I am sold, and will definitely be coming back!"

David W.

  • Improves recovery time during athletic training and from injury

  • Relief from physical pain, stress, depression, and anxiety 

  • Increases energy levels and stamina

  • Reduces inflammation and swelling throughout the body

  • Relieves pain in joints and muscles

  • Improved muscle fatigue and sustained performance (DOMS)

  • Helps improve symptoms from Arthritis, Tendinitis, etc.

  • Increased collagen production in the skin

  • Helps boost the immune system to help fight sickness

  • Increases metabolism and caloric burn

  • Boosts lymphatic drainage and improves circulation

  • Supplements treatment of dermatitis, psoriasis, and other topical skin conditions


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